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Play, Snap, Pimp'n'Bling, Share, Smile

Wanna have fun with your photos and videos? Like to play Games on your phone? Gotta play right now with your Friends? Selfii.ME is for you!


Play Your Own Game

Selfii.ME automatically turns your own smartphone photos and videos into fun games and jigsaw puzzles you can share and play with all of your Friends. It's fun and fast to do and will make you look fabulous!


Make Your Own Fun

Selfii.ME lets you choose how you make fun. Snap a brand-new photo or video directly within the app and send it as a special message or game to your Friends. Or choose a photo or video you already have on your phone's camera roll to make a new message and Share it across social sites.


Dress It Up Your Way

Bling Up and Pimp Out your photos and videos with fun Stickers, frames and foto-filters that fit special days and every day.

So, Valentines Day, Halloween, Birthdays and other Holidays are all more fun with Selfii.ME when you send your Friends photos and games that say 'Let's Play'.

And the photo and video messages and games you Share every day will show the real Y.O.U. and all your Friends will wanna play and Share their own messages and games back to you.


Share privately or Post publicly

Send your photo and video message-games to your Friends either privately one-at-a-time or in a group so everyone can play. You can also Share your messages to all of your favorite social sites like Instagram, Twitter, Tumblr, Facebook and more.


Make Everybody (and yourself) SMILE!

Magically make your own pictures and video messages DISAPPEAR. Later, you can change your mind and Pimp Out using all of the great edit tools and Stickers. Share your creation with anyone you want — or don’t Share it.

All of the messages and special games you make with your photos and videos will entertain your friends. They’ll want to send back lots of fun messages and games too. Ya know what? Suddenly, you’re a Rockstar!

"Hey, girls got GAME too! Selfii.ME makes games from my photos and videos. They’re AWESOME. Now my Friends think I'm a genius."


“Selfii.ME makes it super fast and fun to send messages back-n-forth with my Friends.

“Selfii.ME makes it super fast and fun to send messages back-n-forth with my Friends."


"Selfii.ME kicks Snapchat and Instagram to the curb ...and Facebook's Slingshot? …Fuh-getta 'bout it!"


Meet the Team!

Chief Evangelist

"Got GAME? I do, sooooo there!"

Chief Crazy

"I'll help you share ur crazy!"

Chief Exec

"Someone's gotta mind the store, jeeezz!"


"Girls just wanna have FUN!"

Chief CodeGOD!

"I built it, just for YOU!"

Without YOU, there is no Selfii.ME


Without YOU, there is no Selfii.ME